How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big

Kind of the Story of My Life

by Scott Adams

Read:  2016-10-01, Rating:  10/10 – Filled with extremely entertaining anecdotes with applicable lessons for all readers. Recommended for Everyone.

Things I Learned:

1) Link everything to personal energy. Use energy metric to evaluate choices in life. Do what gives you net positive energy. Focus on diet and sleep and fitness.

2) Focus on systems, not goals. Don’t focus on goals. Focus on creating systems that allow success to follow.

Eg. Focusing on a goal such as losing 20 weight – you can feel guilty at never meeting your target. A system of eating well and exercising gets you one step closer to progress and that’s as much as you can do for now.

3) Affirmations – write it down again and again and again and again and again. Wrote down that he would get a certain score on an exam. That’s what he got. Write it down, maybe it’s your subconscious or the universe, but it may happen.

4) Each skill you learn doubles your chance of success. Not a simple formula but just think this way.

5) Be selfish: focus on yourself so you are at full strength to give back. Eg. Bill Gates

My Favourite Takeaway:

Everything in this book is easily digested. How to fail and still win big. It’s as if all self-help books have been boiled down to their essential concentrate for easy memory recovery. Each element is simple and each chapter is extremely entertaining.

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