Free Will

by Sam Harris

Read: 2016-11-03, Rating:  9/10. A quick fun read introducing the concept of Free Will. Highly Recommended.

Experiments showed brain activity even before feeling to move.

The book discusses several other experiments predicting choices based on brain activity before the subject “feels” himself making a decision. Read the book.

Our brains have determined what we’re going to do before we do it.

We don’t know what we want to do until we want to do it. The question is why we want to do anything.

This book provides several intriguing discussions about free will and implications to morality. Good/Evil or Lucky/Unlucky. Read the book.

My Favourite Takeaway:

Our next choice has been predetermined. All our choices, efforts, and intentions, have been based on our past experiences. We cannot change our past because it’s already happened. Our very next choice has already been made.

Pause and think about what we want to do next. How did we make that choice? Did it just come from darkness? What did we not choose to do and was that ever a choice? Why or why not?

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