What do you do after you finish reading a book?

I read mostly self-improvement, business and psychology books. I used to feel frustrated because I would quickly forget everything I learned after finishing a book.

It seems some people only remember 2% of each book read. Some people don’t mind, but it really bothered me. I figured the best way to learn was to teach what I was reading immediately.

I started jotting notes while reading and compiling them into book reports after I finish a book. I would reread my notes and edit the article until I feel comfortable with publishing the notes on my blog. It decreases the rate I finish books, but I’m synthesizing my thoughts and solidifying the contents in my long term memory. I feel like I’m teaching because I’m showing my work.

After I finish reading a book and writing the book report, I eagerly look down my “to-read” list to see what I want to learn and teach next!

Quora: What-do-you-do-after-you-finish-reading-a-book?