Human Understanding: Romantic vs Classical


  • Immediate artistic appearance
  • World in terms of its surface appearance
  • Predisposed towards emotions and intuitions
  • Motorcycle riding is a romantic experience
  • Avoid understanding technology
  • Following manufacturer instructions, trust in experts
  • Waiting for temperature to warm up, optimizing comfort
  • Pack as necessary
  • Eastern affinity for the aesthetic
  • “Hip”
  • Aversion to technology produced by classic reason


  • Focused on scientific reasoning
  • World in terms of its underpinning structures
  • Predisposed to logic and the scientific method
  • Motorcycle maintenance is more of a classic task
  • Understanding technology, how things work
  • Improvising parts, instead of manufacturer instructions
  • Keep riding, despite temperature, optimize time
  • Keeping detailed lists
  • Order the universe in a rational, economical way
  • Seen as dull and joyless
  • Western affinity for the theoretic
  • “Square”

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