What is Quality?

Quality is a characteristic of thought and statement that is recognized by a nonthinking process. Because definitions are a product of rigid, formal thinking, quality cannot be defined.

But even though Quality cannot be defined, you know what Quality is!

People can recognize what Quality is by evaluating things as good and bad, yet be unable to say what it is in explicit terms.

Quality divides “Hip” and “Square” in American culture.

Quality bridges the gap between Romantic and Classic modes of thought.

Quality cannot be viewed from an analytical, classic standpoint.

Quality is neither subjective nor objective.

Quality is viewed differently because people approach it with different experiences.

Quality corresponds to the Tao, the way.

Quality is the Buddha

Quality is scientific reality

Quality is the goal of Art

Quality will get a person unstuck. Stuckness is a state of being without hypotheses for solving a problem, caused by traditional reason and a rigid conception of the world.

Quality work is motivated by “gumption.”

Gumption traps come from two broad categories: Setbacks from external circumstances, and hang-ups from the individual self. The internal gumption traps, the hang-ups, are divided into three categories: “truth traps,” which block intellectual comprehension; “muscle traps,” which block physical actions; and, most dangerous of all, “value traps,” which interfere with internal understanding. The most common occurring when an individual understanding of the world prevents reevaluation and seeing things in new ways.

Ego insulates the individual from the reality of Quality

Anxiety, nervousness forces one to commit errors that hinder repair efforts, hinders Quality.

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