Employee Mistakes

David Seidman Answered Aug 21 There are several categories of mistake: Typo-grade human error: Low consequence: who cares High consequence: our systems should not allow a typo to have high consequence Serious mistake on something they should be able to do First time: make sure they learn from it Second time: warning Third time: performance […]

Align Company and Team

David Seidman Answered Aug 18 Generally each of my reports is always working on something that benefits the company, something that benefits the team, and something that grows them personally. Often I’m able to find one project that does all three. Occasionally a high priority project throws things out of balance. In that case, I […]

Waste Employees Time

David Seidman Giving an assignment, then telling the employee how to do every single part of it Failing to set and maintain clear priorities, so employees waste time working on things that don’t matter Failing to correct performance issues early Failing to provide adequate training and tools Excess overhead in the form of status reports, […]

Macro patience – micro focus

Are you going to be successful in life? Why? Derek Stark, Abso-fucking-lutely. Macro patience – micro focus – there comes a time when you have to accept short-term suffering/sacrifice for long-term gain. Gary Vaynerchuk inspired me with this maxim and it’s changed the way I approach most everything in life. I’m okay eating chicken and rice every night […]