Macro patience – micro focus

Are you going to be successful in life? Why? Derek Stark, Abso-fucking-lutely. Macro patience – micro focus – there comes a time when you have to accept short-term suffering/sacrifice for long-term gain. Gary Vaynerchuk inspired me with this maxim and it’s changed the way I approach most everything in life. I’m okay eating chicken and rice every night […]

Evaluate Impact

David Seidman All that matters is impact, so I’d discuss where their impact was falling short. If their hours were really egregiously short I’d mention that, without referencing the other employee, but usually I wouldn’t mention hours. Extension: Interview questions: What is definition of impact. impact on team, impact at organization, etc.  

Employee Manager Relationship

David Seidman My personal rules: Not okay to have scheduled 1:1 social contact outside the office Okay to hang out if you bump into each other Okay to attend anything the whole team is invited to Okay to attend any large party Okay to hang out with individual team members at events like concerts that […]